Otherworld Renaissance

Standing sentinel, We speak in a language Of heartbeats and murmurs. Our history is eternal, Our geography celestial, We punctuate this language with stars. Our memory is feeling Our expression silent. How we can utter our truths? They are too vast for this world. We make do. Those we touch show promise Wondering at twilight-clad [...]

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Corrupted Animation

Damned, desecrated, defiled. Reality hidden in fairytales: Carefully orchestrated and well lit. The most intimate desires of the mind Imprinted on tissue-thin skin. Telling tales of who we want to be, Not who we are. The truth of ourselves Carefully concocted in story. Papering over the scars, Creating illusions of beauty. Fantasy wanted. Perfection inside [...]

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The Wanderer’s Curse

Foreboding words Fall from my lips, Coded emotions proffering A perfunctory kiss. Et tu, Judas? Unwillingly. The crashing waves Match my pounding heart. The ebb and flow of the waves Reminiscent of our emotional tide. I'm so sorry. Me too. Sorrows tumble in a bid to be free; The truth has lain between us. If [...]

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The Gilded Cage

I. It called to me with Siren’s song, Speaking to me in the language of home. Of safety, security and family, Of unity and love. It spun me beautiful tales, of castles in the air woven from nothing more than dreams, and held together with laughter and dances under moonlit skies. It reeled me in [...]

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Wheel of Mortality

Behind lives of love-laced sin, The mortal wheel ever-spins. No loving kiss can wake you now, Lost in life’s twilight vow. Fates long-spun snipped your thread, Your absence now an echoed dread. Souls lost in a wheel-spun daze, Innocents woven into fate’s bloody gaze. Loss’s landscape ever changed, Life and death leave us estranged. Fighting [...]

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Poetry: The Wandering Girl

So it begins in the mundane moments of the in-between that stitches together the stories of your lifetime. It’s that itch between your shoulders That fresh tingle in your skin and the way your eyes light up; and focus on the invisible threads that direct you like a compass only you can read. You’ve never [...]

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The Tale of the Prescient Alchemist

It's new, this life. It sits newborn and still-beating in my hands and leaves me marveling at the grandeur of life and redemption. Memories and dreams intertwine on my skin, spelling out a story of rebirth and renewal. And so it begins. It was always to be now - though it has been many long [...]

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Celestial Heartbeat

Gasping, I wait for you to crawl across my skin: tingling, pulsing, full of stories from everywhere and nowhere. You come with tales of pain and joy, agony and ecstasy, wisdom and ignorance. We dance, combine, merge. You meet with my soul: intertwine, stroking, smooth. I do not know your face. I cannot call your [...]

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The Nature of a Broken Heart

How did you come to hold the last fragments of my shattered heart in these hands that so long ago gave up on love? How is it that love runs like raindrops through your fingers? I never hoped to understand. I watched the first time you bade me goodbye and you placed that gentle kiss [...]

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Blessed children lie dreaming Under bleeding stars Speaking of common dreams To soothe war-torn souls. Shaded corners reflect The faded moonlight in your face Underwritten by whispers Of promised pleasure. Your eyes are perfect spheres Shining in anticipation of breathless dreams; Your hunted eyes hiding Under the tangled furrows of your face. Miracles of birth [...]

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