Coming Home

Shadows danced, that moonlit night,
when confessions burst from your lips;
and left mine tingling from their touch.

My hands locked into your gold-spun hair,
lost as the world spun, suspended outside time.
An eternity spent with your lips fused to mine.

We felt, more than watched
as technicolour seeped into a world
that had always been shades of grey

Your throbbing heart reverberated
through my bone, blood and sinew
in a thumping bass only I could hear.

You called. I answered.
It took less than a second to captivate me –
Heartbeat to sacred heartbeat.

Life was filtered through this kiss,
brighter and bolder than before,

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About the Author:

Bio: Sarah Clive is a writer, author & wanderlusting, creative adventurer with a penchant for telling stories about love, life, destiny and the ineffable things that make us human. Her first book, Dream Warrior’s Manifesto, is available to download from her website, Amazon, Kobo, Nook and iBooks. She regularly blogs about tales for dream warriors, sock elves and sentient fruit and vegetables. She can be found having adventures all over the world and has recently been seen in Bali, the USA and Costa Rica, though you can see more of her shenanigans on her instagram (sarahclive) She's an ENFP, and Enneagram 8w7 (874), all of which leads her to be the kickass storyteller you see before you today. Sarah is an eclectic idealist with a rampant can-do attitude, and a bit of a girl geek in her spare time, when she's not reading, writing or out taking photographs. She's often found dancing in kitchens.