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Here you will find details of Sarah’s work. There’s plenty in the pipeline, so make sure to check back regularly, and keep up with new work and giveaways on twitter and facebook.

The Dream Warrior’s Manifesto

The Dream Warrior’s Manifesto gives an empowering insight into the depths of the human spirit as it journeys through the ups and downs of life that affect us all. Traversing themes of life, love, destiny and purpose the Dream Warrior’s Manifesto takes its readers on a poetic journey through love, loss and the search for a life less ordinary. Sarah Clive offers an original and heartfelt perspective on what it means to search for more in a world that rarely looks below the surface and what that can really mean for all of us as we work our way through the life we’re given.

The beauty, honesty and clarity of your writing has moved my heart. Touched by your insight, I am sitting with tears running down my cheeks. Writing hasn’t moved me like this since for years. Informed me? Yes. Excited me? Yes. Inspired me? Yes. But moved me? In fact, it overwhelms me… It’s a work of art in which you paint vivid and emotive pictures Your love of language and of life shines from every word. You are so incredibly talented and absolutely beautiful- don’t ever let any of life’s experiences allow you to forget that. It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful. I can’t find words.

Lori C.M.

I could not put it down.

Wade T.,

A passionate, provocative, and deeply personal call to arms. With this book, Sarah Clive challenges her readers to lift themselves out of the mundane minutiae of everyday living and become something more – the epic warriors we were born to be. In laying her thoughts, dreams and emotions bare, she has created something so raw, so heartfelt and intimate; that the reader cannot fail to be moved. The bravery, honesty and searing passion seeps from the pages and grabs you by the shoulders screaming “WAKE UP!”. If you have ever felt anxious and weak, ever felt foolish or silly, ever felt bogged down by tedium, or ever felt lost in a darkness you cannot lift yourself from, I strongly urge you to read this book. Difficult to categorise, impossible to put down – this is a work of beauty that you will want to return to again and again.

April S.,

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Grocery Life

Grocery Life: A short story series by Sarah Clive

It was the most ordinary of villages, filled with twisty streets where the cottages sit in a higgledy piggledy chain amongst gardens of honeysuckle, roses and apple trees. Children run pink-cheeked though the countryside paths in search of fairies and pirates and the cows stare stoically back from their fields. This was a village in which the Church bells rang every Wednesday evening at 6pm, while ladies polished their doorbells, scrubbed the front step and baked cakes in case company should come to call unexpectedly. It was a village that had over time become steeped in tradition and duty. Very little of consequence had happened in Much Deadlock over the last fifty years and in resigned consequence, the villagers had slowly lost their sense of whimsy and steadied into an a more prosaic way of life.

It was for this reason that the happenings in the village grocery shop seemed even more queer and unusual as it came to light. Nothing in Much Deadlock was ever quite the same afterwards for the Grocer …

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Agents of Creature

Agents of Creature: A spoof spy story with a difference by Sarah Clive

The Salamander walked alone. It had been a long night and he needed some time to think. The Enclave was becoming a problem that he didn’t need; and the Zookeeper had made it very clear that he wasn’t going to get any support from on high if the mess didn’t get cleared up immediately. The enemy had shown themselves to be surprisingly resilient, and  had been impervious to reasoned demands. Reason hadn’t worked, and neither had threats.

“No” mused the Salamander to himself  “if we’re going to take action against against the Enclave, it must be silent, swift and deadly. They have left us with no choice.” The Salamander smiled. It was a cold smile, and one that spoke of death. He had not survived this long to be taken out by amateurs.

He looked over his shoulder and turned down a side street before slipping through the railings to cross the park. He’d been an Agent of CREATURE for too long; he never took the same route twice, and checked for tails every few minutes. He knew he was safe for now, but for how much longer, was anyone’s guess …. To Be Continued.

The Sock Elf Rebellion

Sock Elf Rebellion: The story of a criminal magical empire (and where your socks go when you wash them) by Sarah Clive

It is a largely accepted truth that if you put several pairs of socks in the washing, at least one of the socks will emerge from the washing without its mate.

That is to say, it’s largely accepted by adults. Adults take the most extraordinary happenings  and accept them as ordinary and even mundane without a second, questioning glance. It takes the extraordinary ingenuity of a child to ask “but why?”

It’s an exceptionally sensible question, and one that can be taken anywhere and used in any situation to great effect. It’s a wonder that adults use it as little as they do, but that’s perhaps a story for another day.

The story I’m going to tell you on this particular day revolves around a young girl called Molly and what happened to her when she asked why there was always one sock missing from her washing basket, the summer she came to live with her Aunt Ailsa at Giggleswick Farm… To Be Continued