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About Sarah :: Wandering Storyteller Extraordinare

I’m your modern day wandering minstrel, or at least what passes for such a thing these days. As a wanderlusting free spirit, I meander through different countries in the hopes of unearthing wisdom the world seems to have forgotten and seeing the world through new eyes. They say to write what you know, and what I want to know most of all are the secrets that glue the universe together. I’ve long suspected that worlds are stitched together with stories, but imagination and reality are different things entirely – at least until I put pen to paper. I was born a truth teller. In a world that is often unprepared for truth, I found ways of of sharing mine in a way that was more palatable – and found my art in photographs and stories.

Art, words, imagination and creation. Ask me why it matters and I’ll happily tell you. 

Writers and artists have always been observers of human nature. We watch the world and our writing is a crucible through which we often come to define our values and ourselves. If we’re good at what we do and a little lucky, perhaps what we do touches someone else, strikes a nerve, or sets someone’s imagination aflame.

It matters because art and stories contain the essence of what it is to be human. They are full of what we think, what we believe, full of our politics and our values. They’re full of our dreams and hopes and successes and failures. They ring with the truths of our loves, our friendships and our heartbreaks.   They’re full of places we’ve been and places we’d love to go. They are stories of who we’ve been, who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes, in the darker recesses of our minds, we find our stories full of people we’re afraid we could be, or those we could become.When we read, we learn about the world we live in: we learn about right and wrong, about decency and truth and justice. We learn about people: about those we like and love and trust and those we don’t.

Poetry is the language of dreamers, artists and thinkers. Why would you choose such a path?” they asked.
“Because the world is alive and full of miracles I have yet to see”

Her Heart Yearns For

tea in the way that only the English do;
the taste of fresh pineapple; chocolate;
wearing flip flops;
inked skin;
song lyrics that give me chills;
strings of words on beachside campfires at midnight.

getting lost in the city by moonlight;
secret kisses in churchyards;
secret passageways;
the anonymity of crowds;
the poetry of the moving body
the raucous, unfettered lust for life that the spills over in the city.

The scents of vanilla, musk and sandalwood;
Fields of lavender in the middle of France;
Salt in a lover’s skin;
There is no finer smell on earth than the smell of the sea
– it can coax joy from my heart in the foulest of weather.

It’s a celluloid romance that connects you to the moments in your life that are too precious to leave behind you.

I’m an ENFP (the champion);
Enneagram 8 (the challenger) and tritype 874 (the messenger).
I embody the Jungian archetypes of the Creator and the Destroyer (aka artist and rebel).
People are always more complex than archetypes allow but patterns repeat endlessly until you take notice.

I’m South African by birth and English by heritage;
and it’s left me with a wild need to see the world.
I’ve fed lions in Africa,
been proposed to in the Todra Gorge in Morocco,
travelled across the Pyrenees in the back of a rusty mini metro
with some Agentinians who spoke no English,
ridden a camel and slept in a goat-skin tent in the Sahara,
roadtripped up the California coast,
and been kissed by a French artisan in the shadows of the Eiffel tower.

Where In The World Am I?

Diving Deeper Into The World Of Sarah Clive

Sarah Clive is a freelance writer, poet and speaker, who experienced writing success in her early twenties when she was published by MacMillan Dictionary Blog and Blueprint Magazine. She recently turned from award-winning business success to reconnect with her creative past and her first book, the Dream Warrior’s Manifesto, is currently available for download as an ebook.

Known for her strong opinions and no-holds-barred approach, Sarah is an effective, inspiring and engaging writer and speaker, whose passion, conviction and vision give her a powerful platform for her ideas, whether she’s talking about sock elves and rebellious hair, or presenting a residential weekend on identity and self confidence to teens.

A writer with a unique voice, and engaging storytelling ability, Sarah regularly turns her hand to both fiction and non-fiction and has recently blogged for a variety of blogs including SensationElle, Work from Home Wisdom and Confused Arts. Sarah has been published in the Carlisle News & Star and featured in the Cumberland News several times in the last few years. She is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio Cumbria and has been invited for interview several times.

In 2017, Sarah decided to eschew conventional wisdom as to hearth and home, and instead set off on a global adventure and writes from the road. She’s regularly nomadic and jets off on jaunts and travels around the world to find new truths, ideas and inspirations from the people and places she visits.