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The Imaginarium of Creative Delights

This is no ordinary website. I’m no ordinary storyteller. Come on in and let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time many years ago now, under African skies, a girl was born. As you’d expect, she was no ordinary child. No child born in the lands of myth and magic can ignore the rhythms that beat in their blood, and it sets them apart from those who cannot hear the world’s heartbeat. This young girl carried stories in her skin, and the emotions of myriad worlds lived behind her eyes. As she moved through the world, in the places where it touched her, the world whispered its secrets and the stories that lived in her skin were birthed in thoughts and words; and they shone bright as the most precious gems.

Though the young girl felt the magic in her skin, she didn’t understand it. A time came in her life when the colour seeped out of her world, and left her living in a world of black and white. She remembered the magic that had once lived within her but didn’t believe she could trust it. She turned away from the magic inside her and so her life remained in shades of grey, and the stories inside her stayed silent.

One day, when the young girl had grown into a young woman, she went to a place where her soul knew peace. She let her hands sink into the earth and she once again heard the whispers of the world. As the whispers caressed her, birthing her stories as braille written on skin, she began to see colour once again seeping into the world that had so long been muted, and the stories in her skin brokenly shared themselves with her in words, pictures and poetry.

Now, when the stories in her skin made themselves known, she listened. The girl understood that the stories within her had changed somehow. That her experience in the world had given the colour in her world a richness and nuance it had not had before, and the stories within her had changed to reflect that.

She decided that instead of ignoring her gifts, and the stories that burst forth inside her, she would instead create a special place where she could share her stories with the world, and give them life.

Congratulations, you’ve found that special place. I hope you like it.

In a Nutshell

She’s a wanderlusting storyteller.
She’s a creative adventurer.
She dances to her own beat.
She has a rampant can-do attitude.
She’s a girl geek and eclectic idealist.
She can often be found dancing in kitchens.

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It’s Time for Poetry to Change the World: Dream, Write, Make Art.

Stories, Poetry and Scrivenings

Sacred and Profane

January 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Sacred and Profane

Words hit like bullets Shattering the sacred space between, Leaving emotions smeared like blood. In this space "I'm sorry" is profanity Written in blood on my skin. It leaves me shattered, desecrated and defiled, This [...]

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Heart’s Compass

September 19th, 2017|Comments Off on Heart’s Compass

Tides abound in endless dreams, Of truth to carry through seas and streams. A traitors kiss is offered now Cool lips upon a salty brow. Crashing waves and pounding heart: Our ebb and flow a [...]

Challenging History

August 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Challenging History

Soft myths unfolding into hard truths leaves me paralysed: untrusting of the world and everything I once held to be true. Somewhere in the unflinching truth-telling the stark truth faces me bald: in black and [...]